The City of the Future will be run by AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain on Next Gen Internet

Networks of the future will be Blockchain and Li-Fi that can support 6G, where spectrums will be extended to everywhere there is electricity on power grids, lamp-posts will be smart with cameras, Li-Fi, that can support {wireless charging anywhere}, with speeds beyond your wildest imagination, where traffic management systems control both traffic on land and air, everything including traffic lights, cameras will be linked to AI for controls, from autonomous cars, buses, trains and flying cars and taxis, homes will be built in the sea on supporting platforms, and man will travel to Mars to colonise it, all these will happen before 2050. Li-Fi has the potential to scale massively with more cells per square inch and maximising the spectrum.

Should I be on LBRY instead of Youtube?

By now you should have learned all the methods how you can be de-anonymised by a combinations of methods the US Governments used to track you even if you use Tor Browser or change all your Browser settings or disable cookies and a mass of other methods like de-coupling your Andriod tracking and location based info but everything is still useless unless the introduction of Blockchain 3.0 and legalising all the laws to get a warrant in order for Law enforcers to get your Search and History of the sites you visit including your financial data. Nobody is free from interference from the US government as long as you used a US based service and all is need to reveal 100% of everything without a warrant, and well of course I am pissed when my hundreds of millions are all taken away by the US governments, FUCK TRUMP. You use technologies against criminals I cannot be bothered but when you steal my income when I am not a US citizen and interfered with all my work and income I will fight back using technologies to crash the Entire US Technologies markets, bye bye US, you are now miles away from China and I will never support you. Contributed by Oogle. 

Android without Google Services, I have already achieved it

The ways I have hacked Google verification services :

Use a modified Google Play store (Eg All third parties manufacturers in China have their own without the need for registration eg Huawei App store)

Fake ID by spoofing without registration but still open source apps eg F-Droid

Totally drop Andriod OS and use Linux Phones or Huawei OS

Tested many compatibility issues and all still work 90% without any issue

*Why go thru so much trouble? Because the issue about privacy is REAL and I am a victim who lost hundreds of millions because I was tracked  and have all my income interfered and taken away.



How to Bypass Google Account Verification FRP 2020


Want to challenge me and take my income? I will make sure you lose control of all technologies and lose trillions of $$$. You are totally useless now when you lose control of Andriod OS and soon also 3D Search. Contributed by Oogle. 

VIA x386 The Zhaoxin KX-U6780A a redesigned CPU for RISC-V to support Intelligent OS?

3 components of the design of a computer you need to own the intellectual property.

1) CPU which you now own VIA.

2) GPU is still missing.

3) Chipset including all components eg Sound, Network, WiFi etc.

4)Optimising all memory components to achieve maximum I/O for memory address registers and instructions sets.

The best path is still open source and if you are able to merge all your hardware on RISC-V by 2021, software can be easily any Linux OS on x386 and as long as I can ensure compatibility with my Intelligent OS, there will not be a lack of technology innovations and you might end up being ahead depending on your R & D resources you commit. This I can easily help you to achieve supercomputer status.