I have perfected the Fully Optimised System where I Max out everything beyond Moore’s Law

Acer Laptop ES1-132-COCP Technical Specs

Intel CPU Celeron DuoCore

Dual Channel 2GB DDR4 Ram (Original 1GB DDR4 Ram)

Storage eMMC 32 GB

Intel Intergrated Graphics

OS : Windows 10 Home

Fast I/O Maximised

Virtual Memory disabled

Windows Update Disabled due to background processes

Basic Tasks only allowed

No Over Clocking

Performance Benchmarks on everything : Research Secret

Reached beyond 100% increase with Fast.io

Next to experiment on Rasberry Pi 4 8GB Clusters on memory management and threads

Finally on RISC-V processors to modify configurations and performance



*New Data transfer technologies with the use of DMA addresses with Direct Memory Access

1) When use a DropBox, the link to the original files is listed, so you do not need to transfer the entire file when the original file is already there, so in fact you transfer the link for the DMA to access that file.

2) Even large storage systems can use this technology, as the original is never lost, you do not need to transfer the entire file but a link to that file which is contained in a memory address of the DMA.

3) So you do not need to transfer duplicates, this can be embedded in Meta Data of the site address, so everything can be given a Memory address in DMA of a storage SSD system, which is as fast as sampling a huge database to find all the answers for a CPU.

4) This technology can be used in a system or a network, but if you want to use it across the entire internet, there is always a risk of data loss eg a for a network of computers for search engines.

5) So this SSD is designed in this way, Original files can only be read but cannot be written unless you have superuser status, and others DMA memory links can have backups but only can delete their own files which contain the links but can never delete the original files, it is locked up in a container. If I add a 3D encrypted database what will I have? Trillions of data for less than a few hundred dollars.

6) So how will the files look like? You can easily see the actual file when you create a link to that actual file, and the actual file that does not contain the link, and it will be stored in different partitions.

7) This technology is meant for huge data files beyond 1GB as it will take away the time for download, it is not meant to replace the Operating System, however you can use this as a link in your network to deploy or backup your data.

8) This technology also use a technology to verify your data to show that it is exactly as the original but this is just a link, so there is no data corruption.

9) Microsoft use a link to the actual files but I use a DMA Address in memory and Microsoft technology is meant for the OS but mine is meant for a portion of the storage.

10) A lot depends on if you are downloading a file which uses the FTP protocol or streamng a video, both technologies are different.

This is how I can make the Neuromorphic CPU even 100x the competition of a Supercomputer.

*Patent due to United Nations China


New Technical Specifications for the Blockchain protocol (Proof of Concepts Completed)

1) It does not use DNS but still Domain Names linked to Mac Address which is the fundamentals of the distributed networks. No centralised DNS Servers with IP addresses but a DNS record that will be kept in every node or PC which includes all the features of DNS for NAT, intelligent routing, store and forward etc.

2) Similar to IPs, there will be meta data that link site address and content for 3D intelligent searches for the new age of resolving huge database of decentralised workstations where everything can be controlled by the control stack in each node, including applications via the software stack.

3) To optimised speeds with huge cache you need to utilise the GPU frame to merge with thousands of threads with I/O and present day supercomputers like Google and IBM cannot achieve this.

4) This Blockchain protocol is protected by pfSence and VPN tunneling and it’s encryption cannot be hacked due to not using keys but a Algorithm’s secrets.

5) This Blockchain protocol is not designed to run on IP4 or IP6, but in very fast multicore fibres, LiFi and beyond WiFi6.

6) Domain names will still be used and you can personalised everything including your websites, wallets, etc.

7) IDs will be created from technology of the future including Facial, Fingerprint, Voice and DNA or a combination of these. So online transactions are very secure.

8) Most important, trillions of devices will come online and everything will be connected to the internet except your brain, those who are disabled can also use sensors of the brain to control your computer, where even taste and smell can be projected with feelings and responses, so a matrix order of addressing must be implemented for Mac address and it’s combinations with device IDs, Manufacturers IDs etc.

9) For 4G you cannot transmit both data and voice at the same time but for 5G you can, it depends on your number of instances or threads and it can also support virtualization which all can run concurrently.

10) Google Compute Engine tries to be a test platfom for Blockchain but there are so many parameters missing, to me it is just a Virtualization Server. If you want to test Blockchain you need to perfect DNS and IP before you switch over to a distributed network on Domain and Mac addresses which is a record found in every Mining PC, where the technology lies in how this Mining network works. Experienced miners on bitcoin will already have an idea how everything works on TCPIP but I redesigned it on Blockchain. So technically you can divide the transport layer and later I port over to Blockchain on an consensus network, as my testings have not yet completed due to meddling.

11) If you understand how I use storage you will understand how I use partitions with superuser access to store containers for wallets to store crypto-currency, where this folder will also be encrypted and linked to a domain access where you know the domain but you do not have this access unless you have payment consensus, so everything is monitored by cameras 24/7 365 days a year so there is no issue with hacks in the ICO exchange.

12) When I was an administrator at UOB Bank, we use Sun Solaris (Unix OS) with Windows so I can say I am very experienced with both, my Intelligent OS is Unix based which has no compatibility issue with Windows OS, so I have chosen the path of least resistance, and I know I will definitely succeed as all the technologies are already there. Intelligent OS is Unix OS linked to a App library of Linux Apps.

13) All are based on Open or Closed networks and every crypto is the same, Bitcoin has both and all the other crypto currency, it depends on the solutions you chose and I cannot advise you as there are hundreds of solutions.

14) I have already completed the design of the transport layer for DNS records without the need of a DNS Server.


The Next Generation *Blockchain 3.0 (Completed)

It will use Intelligent OS, which is part of NomadBSD OS (Unix) using Ubuntu features of using certificates to control the management of softwares with a control stack and an application stack which is compatible to Linux libraries where everything is redesigned from the ground up from the kernel, instructions sets to accomodate the Neuromorphic CPU where everything CPU and GPU without Rams and I/O and multicore CPUs (80 Cores) where thousands of threads is optimised using Sampling for great speeds and power consumption using AMD technology. Monitoring of all processes I will use DataDog microservices where everything in apps and background will be controlled and there is no way you can run any hidden malware on my platform. It will be tightly intergrated into my OS and not a separate application. It will also use a 3D Database with encryption and new standards of NVME SSD optimised for performance on Ubuntu Openstack. Yes, everything both hardware and software will be open sourced and all technologies will focus on the Bitcoin platform for use by IMF/World Bank and all Central Bankers with atomic swaps for conversion to any Digital currency.

*Patent due to United Nations China


The City of the Future will be run by AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain on Next Gen Internet

Networks of the future will be Blockchain and Li-Fi that can support 6G, where spectrums will be extended to everywhere there is electricity on power grids, lamp-posts will be smart with cameras, Li-Fi, that can support {wireless charging anywhere}, with speeds beyond your wildest imagination, where traffic management systems control both traffic on land and air, everything including traffic lights, cameras will be linked to AI for controls, from autonomous cars, buses, trains and flying cars and taxis, homes will be built in the sea on supporting platforms, and man will travel to Mars to colonise it, all these will happen before 2050. Li-Fi has the potential to scale massively with more cells per square inch and maximising the spectrum.

We are Anonymous, you do not need to know who we are

We possess the entire worlds technologies

And we are able to provide all the knowledge and training

We do not leave any evidence anywhere

We are even higher than all the secret intelligence in the world

Beyond the NSA. CIA or FBI we are capable of anything

You cannot find any evidence how we get our training, neither how we get our knowledge

We only work covertly in the background

You will never ever to identify who we are

Because We are Anonymous

And we strike using gureilla tactics

You can never see our strength

No power in the world can handle us

We are even higher than the United Nations

We are above all Laws

Under nobody’s jurisdictions.

Contributed by Oogle.

World Trading Exchange still under development scheduled for completion in 2025

1) Research on Financial modeling still ongoing.
2) Factors affecting economic performance and related not completed
3) Technical analysis and charting to create models of future predictions
4) Linking of hundreds of views with all factors
5) Algorithms to maximize returns based on time horizons and ROI.

PS I am a qualified Futures Trader and I know exactly what I am doing with more than 10 years research on HFT trading.