*An Online voting platform is still possible using Facial recognition to compare with your IC for ID verification ie your mobile or PC must have a camera


Multiple layers of security means you cannot forge or fake your identity.

  1. You will receive a voting slip if you are eligible. Scan your barcode on your mobile or PC which will bring you to a link to login via SingPass.

  2. By logging in SingPass your MyInfo is verified.

  3. Then click a button that will link to your voting page on a secured website. Facial ID verification will happen here before you are brought to a webpage to vote.

  4. Depending on your location and districts, all you need to do is select either opposition or the PAP.

  5. After voting you can logoff and the calculation and tally will be in real time.

  6. A digital certificate will be given to you that you have completed your vote and will be used for verification and security in case of disputes.

  7. Not convenient to discuss security issues here.

*This platform can only be customised for Singapore only but can be modified for other countries.