TimeLine of all my Technologies in 2020/2021

  1. Microsoft need to do testing and modifications of Windows 10 with my new specifications.

  2. Then modify theses new standards for IETF so all vendors can follow ie Router vendors, Linux OS, Security, VPN, Firewall softwares.

  3. So I will expect Microsoft and all Linux OS will be slightly ahead of me.

  4. I will prepare the consensus mechanism for Bitcoin, especially the encryption of all the necessary standards for Blockchain 3.0

  5. I will also prepare the payment solution for Blockchain 3.0

  6. Target date of completion for Blockchain 3.0, 3D Search, Intelligent OS, Neuromorphic CPU will be around end of 2021, and I will start esting on RISC-V very soon, my resources are limited and I see who still want to play games.

  7. Modifying the browser to accomodate the new standards is easy, but modifying to use for 3D Browser is complicated as it entails the search engine, GPU Data Frames, MetaData, and the I/O from a new generation of 3D Database with huge network of ultra fast CPUs to permanently store the entire internet. Target date of completion end 2021.

  8. 6 months later I will launch my Proof of Concept for the Neuromorphic Architecture including Intelligent OS, Blockchain 3.0 White paper.

  9. Stupid government expect me to complete everything myself, it will only delay the entire process. Over 10 yeas my income of hundreds of millions is taken away and I still delivered, do not think I am stupid, the very most you will not see the Neuromorphic CPU, Intelligent OS, Blockchain 3.0 or the 3D Browser and Search Engine. I will leave you for the next century to get where I have already gone.

I am doing this to prove what I say is REAL, I am capable to fund the entire IMF/World Bank, write off the entire US debts, and introduce Universal Basic Income for every member of the UN. Contributed by Oogle.