An Overview of AMD’s GPU Architectures

PS I got this from public domain just to show you AMD’s design architecture so you understand how everything works, I become so expert now AMD has used my concepts to be miles ahead of Intel, so China Chipmakers, beware of IPs and do not infringe on US IPs, I know you are capable to redesign on your own based on my inputs. AMD cannot be bothered with me since they got a fair exchange to use all my free research and I am studying their old technologies to improve their products, if it is NVIDIA I think they will kill me. Simple logic, when you upgrade your hardware you will definitely have compatibility issues with your Bios and your instructions sets talking to each other, and the different 16 Rom or 32 Rom used, or else you think it is so easy to modify technology without all the hardware being compliant. I am on my way to create the Neuromorphic CPU which will optimised everything hardware and software to be 100x faster than the fastest Supercomputer today. Contributed by Oogle.

Blockchain 3.0 on target, Proof-of-Concept and Design and White paper will complete by end 2021 together with 3D Search and Intelligent OS and Neuromorphic CPU

The problem is consistent hashing can be achieved for a Duo core or Quad core CPU, but never on an 80 Core CPU, with Distributed Cache and hundreds of millions of threads really complicated the situation even more, nobody has a solution yet at present. Timing will be out-of-sync. May consider adding an oscilloscope (function generator) to my system which is not a time clock. Why am I doing this? When my Proof-of-Concept for Blockchain 3.0 is ready by end 2020, nobody will understand anything and nobody can build it, so I need to upgrade everybody’s skills, I will not favour anybody but what the US does to Huawei is just too much, so I rather pass over all my technologies and let UN China patent it, in this way the US govt will be jumping up and down, trying to meddle and take over all my income does not work, neither does trying to take over all my technologies now I  give it freely to the world, and only UN China can patent it. Nobody has my technologies as I optimised everything beyond Moore’s Laws, only Trump can talk but achieved nothing using show pieces that does not work, trying to cheat the world that the US leads in Technology, but not anymore. Contributed by Oogle.