Open vs Proprietary : Microsoft definitely on the wrong side of the equation and still want to brag about it

  1. Why did Microsoft invest in Open Source Ubuntu and GitHub? Every developer know all the latest technologies are created in open source before being ported to Windows.

  2. The Open Source community consists of millions of programmers compared to a few hundred at Microsoft. Who will develop faster?

  3. Being a mouth piece of the US government is stupid, your profit centric model is taken away based on security issues which is only meant to steal others data.

  4. Today nobody trusts the Windows platform, you cannot keep up with technology and needs to canabilise everything, every year your innovations is minimum but everyone needs to pay a premium for backward compatibility.

  5. 10 yes ago your OS is the most advanced but not 10 yeas later. So what is there to brag about? Only I can hack Windows without seeing your source codes and I know how to customise everything, now it is zero value to me and I am light years ahead with Intelligent software while everybody is laughing at you.

  6. I am trying to make Windows still relevant and nothing more, open source is the future and I have no intention to keep my Intelligent OS proprietary as it kills innovations. Bloatware can easily be fixed by others as nobody is perfect in programming.

  7. I think your head got problems when you talk like that like Trump, he is sending everyone back to the stone age of technologies.

  8. Once I modify Windows over the entire framework of Distributed network, do not expect anything more as I do not have the time to maintain your dispository, that is your job and you do it to make your own money. I need to do this to ensure compatibility to Windows and Linux OS, or else everybody got problems.