This is only 10% of all Future Technologies I can do, do you now know I am worth trillions and trillions of $$$

  1. I hold the key to travel to other dimensions, even you spend billions on the Hadron Collider you will never unlock the mysteries of the Universe.

  2. 99% of all sickness and diseases can be cured. Mankind will live beyond 200 years old. Every part of the body can be replaced except the brain.

  3. Knowledge can be stored like a harddisk and transferred, learning is just like transfering data. No more worries about making money, with a Universal Basic Income and jobs with “Brain Work” making money is all about productivity.

  4. Once you are given a perfect body by Jesus Christ, you are like angels and travelling is like the blinking of an eye, even to other dimensions and galaxies, you will possess all the benefits of a spirit without a body.

  5. In Heaven the bonds between a man and woman will be gone, and there is no marriage in Heaven except my Last symbolic Wedding when Jesus Christ comes back, in a Perfect World why should we be chained to the old world, all humans will become angels.

  6. In Heaven all pavements will be paved with Gold, so there is totally no worries about money, it will not exists anymore and we will have an Economy of Abundance everything supplied by our God.

  7. You want to play God, then be prepared for the consequences, once you lose it will be death and destruction, you can never win me with your nonsense.

  8. I already know every single technology that will come in the future, you are just wasting my time, I already know what will succeed, so I do not waste resources, go ahead and find your own funeral.

  9. You think I am afraid when the entire world gang up against me? You still get nothing. Remember I got God behind me and I will never lose, never bow down and never give up. Accept my God conditions or die, especially all the evil doers.

  10. When I use the power of God, nobody will survive, my God did not want me to destroy the world, so I got great patience, not when God’s time is up, you will see His fury.

The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.

2 Corinthians 9:6

This has nothing to do with money as I do not need trillions and trillions to survive, it is the principle you have rejected my God, who gave everything freely, and you did not accept His conditions, and you gave me all kinds of nonsense, do you think you are right or wrong? Contributed by Oogle.