Infra-red Xray will be used in my Radar Systems with other sensors to detect nuclear of any objects even in long distance

  1. Once you comes within range all sensors will be turned on automatically and tracked automatically.

  2. All kind of sensors will identify your height and your range, your GPS co-ordinates with thermal cameras merged with many other tools that will identify your aircraft and it’s capabilities, even if it is carry nuclear and the type of nuclear weapons will be detected.

  3. Then in real time the info is transferred to a weapon system for response, everything is automated and the process takes less than 60 secs and is controlled by AI. All the operator needs to do is to press the trigger.

  4. I do not think the Isreals are capable to do what I do, the US is light years away from my Intelligent System, none of your defence vendors has my technologies, better go back and suck your thumb and cry like a baby Trump.

  5. All I can tell you is that I modify Australian powerful weather system to scan both air, land and sea, everything remains a secret and is meant for the People’s Liberation Army of China.