Computational excellence using sampling with real time filtering…

I really do not care if hundreds of people is monitoring me and creating hundreds of instances to see what I am doing thinking everybody in the world can steal my works, when I really start, I will never be found on the internet in an isolation room with totally no frequency access, you think you are all very smart? For a very long time I keep quiet does not mean I do not know, irritate me some more everyday I will watch nonsense porn movies to irritate you back, not say I like porn movies. Now I see Fake News everywhere, and News are getting even more weird, nothing will happen like that. People are getting ridiculous, since they access to my computer, they find out everything I like, suddenly all stocks disappear overnight and I have trouble buying it again, do you think making money is this way? So therefore I have no choice but to protect my privacy or where ever I go, where I stay, everything will be affected. A conspiracy theory that is real, the world thinks they can create layers and layers of access they can control and take over my income, I am already prepared for that, come and challenge me, I give you blue film to watch everyday. Contributed by Oogle.

PS5 SSD – PS5 100x Faster Than PS4

Real Life video on Video scenes on games in VR/AR? Coming soon. Everything you can capture with a camera can be modelled into a data frame and manipulated, creating any real objects in real time and processed in any scenes. Ray tracing now is so advanced you can never imagine what can be created beyond Maya Software and 3D modelling in real time and conversion. Contributed by Oogle.