The Next Gen 3D Browser is Interactive

Smart Systems will be everywhere. You decide to turn on voice controls or gesture controls, iOT devices can be linked to almost anything in your smart homes and talk to each other without fears of being hacked. I can turn on the lights, set the aircon temperature, draw the blinds automatically using Intelligent controls which will link everything together, you can extend your controls from you car to your home and your voice will only be recognised, not others. I already saw the future that is coming for everyone. If you see the entire picture, you will be so busy until you got no time to rest, millions of jobs are required and there is no stop to the access of money, infrastructure, upgrading, to fulfill a Perfect Economy. Trump, where got time to fight? I am so busy making money and your estate will pale in comparison when I show you my home. Contributed by Oogle.

A Whole New Generation of Graphics, Audio visual with extreme advanced sound

Video Editing will never be the same when you can import real life scenes and add any 3D graphics in like game tracing and manipulate it. The merger of both AR/VR and 3D. I can separate the video and the sound, add 3D graphics and manipulate it any way I like, even do language conversion on the fly. DeepFakes is just another add-on and I can create super realistic scenes you cannot tell if it is real or fake. Nobody is ready for all my technologies so I need to create the environment to upgrade everybody and wait for me to finish my works. I can create out of this world scenes without camera effects and remake any old movie and add on anything I want. The impossible is now possible today. Contributed by Oogle.

You built a supercomputer to run a single task and divide amongst your nodes to find an answer

I built and design a supercomputer to maximize its capabilities in scaling up and down, combining all the nodes of a Defense network system that can target an enemy aircraft and identify and respond and take it down with AI and algorithms in real time. Nobody in the entire world has my capabilities. It is an entire system not a node. Level of technical difficulty : Extreme. Warning : It might end you in a Mental hospital. Contributed by Oogle