We are Anonymous, you do not need to know who we are

We possess the entire worlds technologies

And we are able to provide all the knowledge and training

We do not leave any evidence anywhere

We are even higher than all the secret intelligence in the world

Beyond the NSA. CIA or FBI we are capable of anything

You cannot find any evidence how we get our training, neither how we get our knowledge

We only work covertly in the background

You will never ever to identify who we are

Because We are Anonymous

And we strike using gureilla tactics

You can never see our strength

No power in the world can handle us

We are even higher than the United Nations

We are above all Laws

Under nobody’s jurisdictions.

Contributed by Oogle.

World Trading Exchange still under development scheduled for completion in 2025

1) Research on Financial modeling still ongoing.
2) Factors affecting economic performance and related not completed
3) Technical analysis and charting to create models of future predictions
4) Linking of hundreds of views with all factors
5) Algorithms to maximize returns based on time horizons and ROI.

PS I am a qualified Futures Trader and I know exactly what I am doing with more than 10 years research on HFT trading.



Beyond HyperX with Intelligent Defence systems is now a reality (since 2014 many technologies has been perfected)


Today in 2020, I have perfected the Ultimate Intelligent System which is backward compatible to Windows 10 OS, Linux OS and Intelligent OS(Unix) using a Control and Application Stack that can be deployed anywhere in Real time, to control everything from ships, airplanes, trucks, cars and almost anything you can think of, and everything can talk to one another. You can chose voice controls or gesture (kinetic).

I have optimised the CPU beyond Moore’s Laws, increaxing speeds never seen before for the CPU, GPU, I/O inputs/outputs, memory addresses with instruction sets that optimised the clusters including datacentres with 3D data processing capabilities beyond 3D databases.

3D graphics will never be the same with real time tracing and video processing capabilities that you can see incorporated into the new generation of PS5 where the core technologies is maximising between the transfer speeds of their storage on NVME SSD drives.

So I am due to deliver my Intelligent OS, 3D Search, and Blockchain 3.0 by end 2021 and everything will come together, making my dreams of funding the entire IMF/World Bank to be self sufficient possible. Welcome to the Perfect Economy, where everything will be possible in less than 10 years time. Contributed by Oogle.