Should I be on LBRY instead of Youtube?

By now you should have learned all the methods how you can be de-anonymised by a combinations of methods the US Governments used to track you even if you use Tor Browser or change all your Browser settings or disable cookies and a mass of other methods like de-coupling your Andriod tracking and location based info but everything is still useless unless the introduction of Blockchain 3.0 and legalising all the laws to get a warrant in order for Law enforcers to get your Search and History of the sites you visit including your financial data. Nobody is free from interference from the US government as long as you used a US based service and all is need to reveal 100% of everything without a warrant, and well of course I am pissed when my hundreds of millions are all taken away by the US governments, FUCK TRUMP. You use technologies against criminals I cannot be bothered but when you steal my income when I am not a US citizen and interfered with all my work and income I will fight back using technologies to crash the Entire US Technologies markets, bye bye US, you are now miles away from China and I will never support you. Contributed by Oogle.