To LastPass : Why you cannot increase your subscriber’s base

Firstly under US jurisdiction, the US government has access to all your database WITHOUT A WARRANT, what is the difference from a browser’s password when everything the US government has access, no privacy and totally the US government can mess with your everything like me? Causing me millions of $$$

Secondly you do not need encryption of keys where a supercomputer cannot crack, simple AES Alogorithms is enough, but it must work properly, not the way your are hashing passwords that takes a century and does not work.

Practically every service provider registered in the US under ICANN is affected.

Want subscriber is easy if people trust your services, what have you done to achieve that?

Contributed by Oogle.

Zoom shares will increase another 100% when they create an app within Zoom to auto add users who have the same Zoom accounts in their phone contact lists

Those who fool around with me and my income will get nothing, and those who do not can be billionaires overnight, I control all technologies and all the potential and modifications to create wild profits I have access, nobody in the entire world can beat me as I am already an Expert in this area, overnight I can create trillions or I can also make you lose trillions.

I am even greater than Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison put together, the greatest technological advancement since the invention of electricity, whatever I say I do, and you still want to fool around.

Contributed by Oogle.