*My Statement

Whatever inventions and technologies and solutions for the New Economy is real and for more than 10 years I worked like crazy and never get even a cent in donation. Why because everyone including the US and Singapore governments rob and steal, and cut off all my income. Today I have created my Proof of Concept for Blockchain 3.0 and is on my way to raise S$100 Billions myself and nobody can stop me because nobody can complete my work. I am commanded by my God to release trillions of technologies only when God’s conditions are met when the world gives up nuclear and the US war machine stops it’s control of the United Nations or else their trillions of debts will not be written off. Once I complete everything I can easily fund a Universal Basic Income for every member of the United Nations, anything else done by the governments will not succeed as I am a Warrior carrying my God’s plans and I will never give up anything whatever the devil does, to lie and deceit, to rob and steal, nothing will ever work because I am the second in command of my Lord Jesus Christ. I have already forsaken the world.

This posts was written on FB on 16th May 2013. We will see how long is your patience when you need to wait 100 years and still get nothing.

For more than 10 years, I only receive peanuts, so I create monkeys for all. Adobe, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Singtel, Starhub, NTUC, OCBC Bank and a dozen of others, say bye bye to your dream grapes of billions, nobody has my technologies.


Contributed by Oogle.