Beyond HyperX with Intelligent Defence systems is now a reality (since 2014 many technologies has been perfected)


Today in 2020, I have perfected the Ultimate Intelligent System which is backward compatible to Windows 10 OS, Linux OS and Intelligent OS(Unix) using a Control and Application Stack that can be deployed anywhere in Real time, to control everything from ships, airplanes, trucks, cars and almost anything you can think of, and everything can talk to one another. You can chose voice controls or gesture (kinetic).

I have optimised the CPU beyond Moore’s Laws, increaxing speeds never seen before for the CPU, GPU, I/O inputs/outputs, memory addresses with instruction sets that optimised the clusters including datacentres with 3D data processing capabilities beyond 3D databases.

3D graphics will never be the same with real time tracing and video processing capabilities that you can see incorporated into the new generation of PS5 where the core technologies is maximising between the transfer speeds of their storage on NVME SSD drives.

So I am due to deliver my Intelligent OS, 3D Search, and Blockchain 3.0 by end 2021 and everything will come together, making my dreams of funding the entire IMF/World Bank to be self sufficient possible. Welcome to the Perfect Economy, where everything will be possible in less than 10 years time. Contributed by Oogle.

It is possible to filter and get rid of the coronavirus in the air with these green light by employing PSI equipments to test and filter the air in confined space like workers domitory

I am deploying equipments to test the PSI in the air to test all particles in the air, even coronoavirus and filter and mark them with visible green light so they will not be a hazard anymore, these multiple drones must be small enough to go into confined spaces, and the main equipment for verification need not be enclosed in the drone. The marking process is not so important, it is more important to detect the coronavirus in the air. Contributed by Oogle.

The link between the inner core, magnetic activity and earthquakes, everything is found in vibrations or frequencies

Everything in the Universe is described in vibrations or frequencies, light, xrays, radiowaves, soundwaves, magnetic waves are all the same, if you want to unravel Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, you must first understand this fact. Contributed by Oogle.

Nobody has exploited the full potential of AI, ML and Algorithms, ‘we’re nowhere near broad AI’

Welcome to the New World, the is no such thing as a First Strike capability but a Mutually Agreed Destruction, nobody will survive in a Nuclear War, and if you want an Arm’s race, I am capable of developing an Intelligent Defence Network you will never see in your lifetime that covers space, air, land and sea, then what so great about your superiority? Just a video, I can see all your secrets and your limitations and it will take me less than a day to develop counter measures, and what you spend billions on will be redundent overnight, do not talk big and I will show you my response. It is chicken feet for me to strip every single module of your Defence system and hack into every single technology so it will no longer be a secret anymore. Contributed by Oogle.



I totally customised my router for testing, nobody knows what I am testing, x86 as Router! pfsense, opnsense, ipfire, clearos, endian



There is no software tools to sniff what applications I have running on my network, I like fooling around with everyone who thinks they are smarter than me, every components I use is also customised, go figure that one out. 5 devices and you cannot connect to anyone of them. There is only 1 way, if you own a supercomputer you can try to hack my password. I just demonastrated anyone with a supercomputer can hack a nuclear launching site. Good now every nuclear launching sites in the world are now offline. Contributed by Oogle.

To LastPass : Why you cannot increase your subscriber’s base

Firstly under US jurisdiction, the US government has access to all your database WITHOUT A WARRANT, what is the difference from a browser’s password when everything the US government has access, no privacy and totally the US government can mess with your everything like me? Causing me millions of $$$

Secondly you do not need encryption of keys where a supercomputer cannot crack, simple AES Alogorithms is enough, but it must work properly, not the way your are hashing passwords that takes a century and does not work.

Practically every service provider registered in the US under ICANN is affected.

Want subscriber is easy if people trust your services, what have you done to achieve that?

Contributed by Oogle.

Zoom shares will increase another 100% when they create an app within Zoom to auto add users who have the same Zoom accounts in their phone contact lists

Those who fool around with me and my income will get nothing, and those who do not can be billionaires overnight, I control all technologies and all the potential and modifications to create wild profits I have access, nobody in the entire world can beat me as I am already an Expert in this area, overnight I can create trillions or I can also make you lose trillions.

I am even greater than Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison put together, the greatest technological advancement since the invention of electricity, whatever I say I do, and you still want to fool around.

Contributed by Oogle.

Should I be on LBRY instead of Youtube?

By now you should have learned all the methods how you can be de-anonymised by a combinations of methods the US Governments used to track you even if you use Tor Browser or change all your Browser settings or disable cookies and a mass of other methods like de-coupling your Andriod tracking and location based info but everything is still useless unless the introduction of Blockchain 3.0 and legalising all the laws to get a warrant in order for Law enforcers to get your Search and History of the sites you visit including your financial data. Nobody is free from interference from the US government as long as you used a US based service and all is need to reveal 100% of everything without a warrant, and well of course I am pissed when my hundreds of millions are all taken away by the US governments, FUCK TRUMP. You use technologies against criminals I cannot be bothered but when you steal my income when I am not a US citizen and interfered with all my work and income I will fight back using technologies to crash the Entire US Technologies markets, bye bye US, you are now miles away from China and I will never support you. Contributed by Oogle.